Turkey Steak Rolls

I love turkey steak, it’s a really great piece of meat. It’s healthy and lean and a very easy to handle meat. The only problem is it’s tendency to dry (because of the low content of fat in it) while cooked, and a dry turkey loses it’s magic..

This lovely turkey rolls completely redefines all that, they are stuffed with dry fruits and nuts, braised on the stove and sealed in the oven, and are delicious, moist, and full of flavour.

They are easy and quick to make, comes out succulent and with a wonderfully delicate flavour and texture, and can be easily made the night before and baked on the day.

I stuffed them with a blend of dried fruits, nuts, and onion, but they can be filled with any other blend and come out just as great as long as you follow the cooking method.

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Serves 2

300 gram turkey steak (2 slices)
50 gram dried fruit
1 tbsp brandy
½ tbsp warm water
1 Red onion, medium size
50 gram assorted nuts
1 tsp olive oil
1 tsp butter
¼ tsp crushed garlic
¼ tsp light brown sugar
Salt & Pepper to taste


Preheat your oven to 160℃ fan \ 350℉ \ Gas mark 4
In a bowl mix together the dry fruit (I used dried candied fruit for a bit more sweetness), the brandy and the warm water. Make sure the fruits are covered, add some water if needed.
Set a side to soak for circa 40-50 minutes. Drain the fruit.

Cover a cutting board in cling film, season with salt and pepper and spread the turkey steak on top, season the top of the meat and cover with a second cling film.

Bash the meat thin – but be careful not to tear it.

Dice the onion, fry it in butter and oil and season with garlic and sugar.

Add the nuts and the drained fruits in and leave to saute for couple more minutes before setting aside to cool.

Note! adding 1 tbsp water mid-fry will help the onion to crisp and caramelise.

Mince the onion-nuts-fruits mix in a blender, season with salt & pepper.

Lay a thick roll of the minced mix in the middle of each steak and roll over to close.

Braise the rolls on all sides to seal until golden coloured.

Carefully lay the braised rolls in the centre of a large piece of foil paper – enough to cover the rolls twice.
Spread some slices of lemon around the rolls – this helps the rolls to keep moist (I used cured lemon..)
Roll the foil edges together to create a sealed pocket around the turkey rolls.
Bake the turkey rolls parcel in a preheated oven for 18-20 minutes.


If made for children, simply replace the brandy with orange\apple juice.

The dry fruit and nuts can be replaced with any and all soft or minced mix, as long as it’s moist enough for the turkey to ‘drink’ from and is soft enough to roll over without tearing the meat.

If the turkey rolls refuse to stay sealed – try to tie them around with baking thread before braising them.

Make sure to add the lemon into your roll parcel – it helps keep the meat moist and tender.