Pineapple, Apricot and Mango Smoothie

Summer fruits makes a great drink, they are full packed with juices and sugars that makes any drink both yummy-sweet and juicy-refreshing, and of-course ha lots of great vitamins in them.

This quick recipe is for a fresh pineapple, apricots & mango combination smoothie and boy do they make a great combination. Fresh & refreshing, super easy to make and wildly versatile.


1 cup fresh pineapple, cubed
3 medium apricots, halved
½ cup frozen mango
½ cup ice
1 cup orange juice
½ cup cold water
1 tbsp maple syrup
2 tsp grenadine (optional)


Blend the fruits, ice and juice together in an electric blender until smoothie consistency.

Add in the water, stir

Pour to large glasses and slowly top each glass with a tsp of grenadine.

* for an extra sweet flavour – stir the grenadine in before drinking


For an evening version, replace the water with light rum (Pineapple Malibu works wonders with this one).

Or replace the water with yogurt for a creamier shake.

Try adding couple of mints leaves for a bit of depth, or pinch of chilli for some kick.