Parsley\Coriander Cubes

A great and easy way of to keep all sorts of herbs available for you whenever you may need them is to freeze them in oil or butter.

I use a lot of herbs in my cooking, but I find it hard to keep them fresh for long, and as I live in a very cold country they don’t normally survive the winter in my garden. As so this turned out to be the perfect solution for my predicament – I buy a big batch, chop them finally and freeze them soaking in oil or melted butter, that way I can always draw a cube out of my freezer and have great added flavour to my dish.


1 bunch parsley / coriander
Olive oil / butter


Wash the herbs well.
With the help of a blender or a chopper, fine chop the parsley / coriander.
To create dots of butter in the herbs cube – chop the herbs with the butter.
Set the chopped herb into ice-cube tray, cover with melted butter or olive oil
To differentiate between the butter cubes to the oil ones – use different shape tray
Freeze overnight, then move to sealed bag for storage


This can be done with any herb; I even do it with chilli peppers.

Try and set a slightly different amount in every cube – that way you get a more versatile usage of them.

Freeze some in olive oil and some in butter – it will work better for different recipes.