Lime & Rosemary Crisp Cookies

With the Corona-virus lock down at full speed ahead, I find myself with extra than usual time on my hands to work out and try new recipes, and as my dear husband is locked in with me – I also find myself with a taster..

These crispy buttery cookies were born whilst cooking chicken in lime and rosemary, which got me thinking – why not?  and trust me it works!

They are based on my mum’s simple yet incredible butter cookies recipe, with extra unique flavours that truly perk it up, and they come out delightfully delicious every time.


100 gram soft butter
100 gram powder sugar
1 tsp lime juice
1 tsp finally chopped rosemary
½ tsp lime zest
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder


Pre-heat oven to 180℃ (fan) \ 400℉ \ Gas mark 6

Whisk together butter, powder-sugar, lime juice & zest and the chopped rosemary until light and fluffy.

Mix flour and baking powder together, add to the butter mix and whisk just to combine.

Create small balls – circa 2 cm in diameter and set on a baking pan lined with baking sheet.

Flat the balls to a 1 cm thick with the help of a small fork.

Bake 10-12 minutes, until edges slightly brown and middle still a bit soft.

Set aside to chill for 10-15 minutes.


To get nice even size cookies I used a small ice-cream scoop creating the balls. If creating the balls with your hand – powder your hands slightly with powder sugar first, that will prevent the dough from sticking.

Don’t forget to wash your hands in every step!

Enjoy! & Keep safe