Homemade Kiwi Jam

My mom makes the very best, sweet, wonderfully surpassing jams ever. Through the years she made jams from almost every kind of fruit, and few vegetables as well. Yea, in my mom’s home you never lacked some goodies to spread on a toast.

So, when I found myself with a big bag of lovely green Kiwi, I knew exactly what to do with them – a fabulous, zingy, great to spread on toast, jam.

This lovely jam comes out a sweet-zingy greenish mash that always makes us very happy. It is fantastic to spread on toast or to fill cakes with, and an absolute treat on a warm English scone.


300 gram Kiwi
1/3 cup caster sugar
1/3 cup cider (any flavour works, and so is dry martini)
Juice of 1/2 lemon + 2 lemon slices
1 mint stalk
1 tsp cornflour
Pinch of black pepper


Use a fork to roughly break down the Kiwi.

Transfer the semi-crushed Kiwi into a pot, add the cider, sugar, lemon and mint, and bring to a boil.

In a separate bowl, put a couple of tablespoons from the pot and add the cornflour, mix til melted.

Lower the heat, add the cornflour mix and the black pepper and continue cooking for another 35-40 min. Skim as needed.

Chill the mixture well. Remove the mint stalk, and process the mixture (with the lemon slices) in a food processor to a rough mash.

keep the ready jam in a sterile, well sealed jar in the fridge and it will last for good few weeks.


To give the jam a longer shelf life – keep the process as sterile as possible, boil the jar before use and minimise touching anything with your hands.

Feel free to adjust the sugar and pepper quantities to suit your own flavours.

You can substitute the cider with any other sweet alcohol – dry martini, dry white wine or even orange liqueur will all work