Espresso Ice-Cream

I love sweets! Chocolate is my best (& worst) love, with ice-cream falling just shortly behind. However, funny as it sounds, I do not like chocolate ice-cream, imagine that..

When I started my blog, my dear husband decided to get me a ‘kick off’ gift to match my excitement, and clever lad he is, he got me a freeze bowl to perfectly compliment my new mixer. Yea.

Immediately I got to work on my very first home made ice-cream, combining my love of ice-cream with my love of coffee. What a delight.


200 ml double cream
150 ml whole-milk
1/2 cup of espresso or strongly brewed coffee
1 tbsp coffee liqueur
3 egg yolks
150 gram caster sugar
Pinch of salt
1 tsp ground coffee


In a heavy pot warm together cream, milk, coffee, coffee liqueur and half of the sugar on medium heat. Turn off the heat just shorts of a boil, when small bubbles start appearing on the edges. Set aside to cool.

In a separate bowl whisk together the egg yolks with the rest of the sugar until nice and fluffy.

Take 3/4 cup of the chilled cream brew and slowly add it to the eggs mix, while whisking. If any skin formed on the cream, remove it before using.

Add the eggs mixture to the cream pot, set on low heat, and cook while constantly stirring using a wooden spoon, until thickens.

The custard is ready when the cream coats the back of the wooden spoon with a thick layer, that when parting with your finger stays apart.

Leave the mixture to cool completely cool, before pouring into the freeze bowl (or any other Ice-cream machine), work your machine until desired consistency is achieved.

Set in the freezer to settle for at least 2 hours.


You can replace the espresso with any other flavour.

To prevent the cream mixture (custard) from forming a skin, cover it with clingfilm – spread directly on the custard.

For a creamier ice-cream consistency, use whole milk.

If you wish to add pieces of fruits, nuts or chocolate to the ice-cream, wait until the last 5 minutes.