Hey all & Welcome to my site. Happy to have you browsing around.

I’m Tali, I was born and raised in a Moroccan oriented home in Israel. Which is to say, Good food & Sun.

I graduated from Tel-Aviv University with a B.A in History & Art, but end up following my analytical side, founding my own IT consultant company.

In the spring of 2014 I married my husband, Ian, a British citizen, and followed him to the UK, where we build our new home.

Today, settled in the UK with my husband, my business and our two lovely dogs, Otis & Lottie – all of whom will be frequent visitors in my blog – I feel (an almost) proper English lady.

My lifestyle, as an IT professional is and always was super hectic, working around the clock, no time for anything (did I mention IT!?) with any bits of free time immediately devoted to travelling – I love to travel! (did I mention History & Arts were my thing!?), and with family spread across two continents, I try to do so as frequently as possibly can.

So, when I found myself, mid 2019, without the ability to work for a while, I grabbed the opportunity to do something new, something I love and enjoyed, hoping this will mark a whole new beginning – Write my own Blog! And what better than Food and Life?

I love food! I love traveling! I love to write! and as I see it, I got a great opportunity to try and combine my passions. What could be better!? this break in life was my chance to spend more time cooking, baking, traveling and – writing about it.

Starting from scratch, I quickly found myself coming up with new recipes, a mixture of my mom’s Moroccan cuisine, my childhood home flavours and the British local produce. From a busy career woman that very rarely cooked or baked I become a curious devoted cook, that often spent all day in the kitchen, trying new recipes or putting twists on an old one – and I love it!

I welcome you in joining me to what I hope will become a grand journey through flavours, scenes, sites and new experiences. Hoping you find what your heart (or palate) desire, or the very least get some inspiration..